Feed, Educate and Cloth the Vulnarable Children in Geita Township Project




P.O. Box 6452, Dar-es-Salaam, TZ,
Tel: +255-22-277-5730; Fax: +255-22-277-5731; Mob: + 255 783 277 733

Victoria Kamata: Founder & CEO


1. Contact Information
Name of sponsoring organization: VICTORIA FOUNDATION
Name of Project Manager: George Obado
Phone (Office): +255-22-277-5730
Fax (Office): +255-22-277-5731
Phone (Mob): +255 783 277 337
Postal Address: P.O. Box 6452, Dar-es-Salaam
Physical Address/Location: Geita – Head Quarter & Dar-Es-Salaam – Branch Office
Our Bankers: STANBIC Bank TZS A/C: 0140026166701 ,
DOLLAR A/C: 0240026166701
Region: Geita

2. Legal Status of Organization
Type of organization:
Non-governmental – Yes
officially registered – Yes
Date of Registration (month, year): 2010
Type of registration: Company Limited by Liability
Registration number: Reg. No. 81136

3. Brief Project Context
Brief description of the organization and program area:
Founded in 2010, Victoria Foundation envisages a Tanzania whose children and youth have access to food, clothing and quality education. Spatially, the present program area is in Geita Township.

Geita is a small town in Tanzania situated 90 kilometers west of Mwanza. Geita was spotted as the German colonial gold mine in 1900s. The Geita Gold Mine has the credit of producing maximum gold in Tanzania. According to the Tanzania National Census 2002, the population of Geita was recorded to be 712,195. Geita is surrounded by the Shinyanga Region in the south and the west, to the north by Sengerema District, to the east by the Misungwi District. Geita has been divided administratively into 33 wards.

Geita School, located in the Geita district, presents a typical challenge facing the children and the youth in Geita. The school has 1300 students of the aged between 7 and 14. The school faces some resource challenges including scarcity of text books (only 100 textbooks in the school!) and scarcity of running water. Like most of the Sub-Saharan African parts, Geita School has been suffering the effects of AIDS with 1 out of 10 students who are orphaned due to illness.
Victoria Foundation is set to address these challenges

4. Our Vision, Mission and Objectives
Brief description of the Vision, Mission and its objectives:
Vision: “To become Tanzania’s primary resources of educational support for children and youth living in substitute care”

Mission: “ To train committed mentors, improvce educational stability and connect vulnarable children and youth at risk to community resources”

• To improve the quality of life and advance the rights of the children and the youth
• To promote life long learning principles among the youth for sustainable development
• To create an environment around the children and the youth that promotes self-reliance and long-term sustainable development; and
• To promote School-Health Program among the children and the youth