Victoria Foundation have so far achieved giving wheelchairs to people living with disabilities in Geita region. This would help them to simply move from one point to another hence simplify their day to day activities.The Aid involved different wards that are being available in Geita region such as Nyakamwaga, Busanda,Bukoli and Nyamalimbe.

Also Victoria Foundation took a responsibility of providing fund for treatment of two children namely Ernest Timothy and Jeremiah Julius who were suffering from Cancer. We contacted with the doctors at Bugando hospital in Mwanza region for more checkup to the children.After the observation it was agreed that the better solution is to undertake a major operation and provide them with artificial legs.

On 14th August 2012 the boy Ernest Timothy was operationed and on 15th August 2012 Jeremiah Julius also got operationed. The boys were very thankful to Victoria Foundation by atleast revealing the pain they were experiencing for a long time due to lack of fund to receive treatment.