Project Activities and Time line

Key Activities and Implementation Time
A: Provision of End Year Festive Gifts
1. Compiled list of beneficieries – 7days
2. Purchase 80 toys for boys – 1day
3. Purchase 120 dolls for girls – 1day
4. Distribute the gifts – 3days

B: School Uniforms Provision
1. Take pupils measurements – 2weeks
2. Make purchase of 200 pairs – 2days
3. Distribute the school uniforms – 2weeks

C: Orphans Feeding Budget
1.Provide feeding resources for each child/year 2012
Q1 (Jan-March)
Q2 (April-June)
Q3 (July-Sept)
Q4 (Oct-Dec)

D: Project Evaluation-1month(Nov)

Total Project Duration– 1 year

Key Project Outcomes:
a.Project Festive Season Experience
A total of 270 orphaned children benefit from “The festive
Season Program” in December 2011

b. Project school Uniform component
A total of 270 children from the orphanages are provided
with School Uniforms for the year 2012

c. Project Feeding Program component
A total of 270 children from the orphanages are under
a feeding program for the year 2012.

d. Project Terminal Evaluation
The project is evaluated independent in the month of
November 2012

Organizational Capacity:
Brief description of how the Project shall be governed and managed.

The project shall governed by a Steering Team (ST) made up of Victoria Foundation Founder and CEO, the project Manager at Victoria Foundation, the in-charge of Feed and Tend International, Moyo Wa Huruma, Lelea, and Mbugani Walemavu.

The Steering Team will be chaired by the Victoria Foundation CEO and the Secretary shall be the Project Manager at Victoria Foundation.

The day-to-day affairs of the project shall be attended by the Project Manager and 2 Project Officers at the Victoria Foundation.. onstituted

Project Monitoring:
Brief description of how the Project Activities shall be monitored and reported on quarterly basis

The project management team shall produce quarterly report and table the same in the project Steering Team meeting. The Steering Team shall meet quarterly. The management team quarterly reports shall be disseminated 2 weeks before the Steering Team quarterly meeting which shall take place on the 15th day after the start of each quarter

Project Terminal Evaluation:
Brief description how the project Outcomes shall be Evaluated by an Independent Assessor.

The Steering Committee will, at the end of the project lifetime, engage an Independent Assessor to evaluate the project against the milestones or outcomes the project had set out to achieve. The Evaluation Report shall be shared with all the stakeholders.

The Outcomes/Milestones to be Evaluated are:
• That 270 orphaned children received festive season gifts
• That 270 orphaned children received school uniforms for
the year 2012
• That 270 orphaned children were fed during the year

Evaluation Report Format
The independent evaluation will folow the format outline below:
• Brief Project Description
• Purpose of Evaluation [Including evaluation questions]
• Evaluation Methodology
• Summary of Key Findings
• Discussion of Key Findings
• Recommendations
• Conclusions

Project Sustainability:
Brief description how the project shall be sustained once the donor funding stops.
Financial Sustainability: It is envisaged that the resource persons at the partnership levels will attain knowledge and skills to enable them raise their own resources locally and externally.

Managerial Sustainability: The project Steering Team will be a channel of decveloping managerial capability among the partners. These partners, will have abilities to develop their own organization, resources and activities.