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A nurse at Bugando Referral Hospital giving medical care to a child Ernest Timothy soon after he was operationed and cut his leg that was rotten for more than about 15 years due to cancer,On the right is the Chairperson of Victoria Foundation (Ms Vicky Kamata) that sponsored the treatments.


Hon Vicky Kamata (Chairperson of Victoria Foundation) Signing Teaming agreement of BLACKBOARD TANZANIA PROJECT) with The Managing Director of Sustaing Impact (SI) Ltd (MS Danielle Callaway) from GEORGIA- USA

Giving Support

Victoria Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated in supporting and engaging youth living in substitute care, providing encouragement necessary to succeed in  educational environment for a non privileged and orphans children in Geita, registered by the codes 81136 with its Headquarters in Geita Township.

Orphaned girls

Victoria Foundation believes that every child is born a star. But in the course of growing some of them are being deprived of this opportunity through various reasons being parental disengagement, economical difficulties, diseases, poverty, geographical locations and even political disabilities.
At Victoria Foundation, we believe the best way to change a child’s life is to change the world in which they live. By sponsoring a child in Tanzania you will help to bring about long-term benefits to the sponsored child, their family and community, so they have a chance of a better future.

Welcome to Victoria Foundation

Victoria Foundation Ltd is a privately owned organisation which deals in assisting the orphans and the disabled of Geita region. The organisation was established in January 2011, with registration number 81136. The headquarters of the organisation is in Geita.

The problem of orphaned children in Geita is very big, and so Victoria Foundation found it fitting to provide assistance in different ways, such as providing school fees, food and helping them socially and psychologically.